Andy Reviews: His Own Political Stance

I’m sorry David, but I’m breaking up with you. There comes a time when one cannot defend every government mishap or every ill advised policy either to themselves or to others any longer, and for me, that moment has come following this government’s clear reluctance to take into this country a mere 3000 child refugees from Europe. I know how many 3000 people is David, I sit with ten times that amount every second Saturday at the football, and even that amount doesn’t strike me as a lot, so surely there’s room enough in this great country of ours for 3000? What irks me most about this is the fact that they are children, no one can get away with arguing that they are economic migrants / lazy benefit scroungers / potential extremists, they are simply vulnerable children in need of safety. If we bring these children in, they will grow up British, instilled with every value that we deem coherent with our society, and not only will they fit in with it, it will be enriched for them being here. Whilst I agree that we should not look to encourage the dangerous crossing from the Middle East and Africa to Europe, we can’t simply pretend that the refugees who have arrived are not there and not our problem.

Whilst we’re on the topic of things that this government has done that has irked me, here is a few other things that I’ve been reasonably embarrassed about during my time as a Conservative supporter. Firstly, the cutting of disability benefits during the last Budget whilst also continuing to cut business rates. I am strongly pro-business and the cutting of rates alone does not upset me, however this cannot be done at the expense of the most in need in our society, particularly when business rates have already been cut so much by this government, there would have been no harm in a simple freeze this time around. I am aware this policy has now been “kicked into the long grass”, however the fact remains that you thought it was an acceptable thing to do. It is not.

The second thing that comes to mind is the government’s handling of the idea of a “Seven Day NHS”. Whilst this is an idea I fundamentally agree with, regardless of how many people actually die on the weekends as apposed to weekdays etc., the way it is being implemented is nothing short of a car crash. What should have been an easy sell to the general public has now become extremely toxic, and this is almost solely down to mismanagement. Firstly David, your reluctance to remove Jeremy Hunt from his office despite the fact he has clearly lost the confidence not only of the BMA and Junior Doctors but also the public at large is deeply concerning, but secondly and perhaps more importantly of all, this ongoing dispute should have been easily avoided by implementing an entirely different strategy. Instead of imposing new contracts on Junior Doctors, what should have happened is investment into the training of more doctors, perhaps by a university grant akin to the one that nurses used to have before you inexplicably chose to get rid of that as well. In my own opinion, what should be happening is that we should be looking across the channel at the hundreds of thousands of migrants and employing every single doctor amongst them, and then voilà, we’ve plenty of doctors to go around and cover every single day of the week without anyone having too work too long, get tired, and put patients in danger.

All this comes down to your obsession with cutting the budget deficit and continued austerity. This is a policy I agreed with at the time of the recession and the tough economic climate, however that is over now, growth is forecast to be around a healthy 2% for this year, it’s time to stop looking over our shoulder and think to the future, it’s time to invest in it.

There are still fond memories of the times we’ve had together that I’ll always cherish though David, whether it be the legalisation of gay marriage, the turning round of the economy, your friend Michael’s work on prison reform, or even that time when you said you supported West Ham despite obviously having been a Villa fan all your life. Remember that? Funny wasn’t it? And to be honest I can’t blame you if you did want to switch allegiances after the season Villa have had. Unfortunately though David in the end it wasn’t enough, and looking at your likely successors amongst your party, none of them are really floating my boat either.

So I am leaving you David, but don’t worry, it’s not for Jeremy. Corbynista’s everywhere I’m sure were left delighted by the first half of this message, but this is not their victory. The sheer hatred I have seen spewed by them at anyone they consider themselves at odds with I find abhorrent. Firstly it was at “Blairites” and Conservative voters, who rather than engage in discussion with, Corbynites preferred to hurl abuse such as “scum” at. I am not going to be bullied into siding with anybody, ever. Now, far more worryingly, it is at Jews, with every new day comes a story of someone in some way connected with the Labour party degrading a minority who have already suffered persecution for millennia. Ant-Semitism has no place in this country and I will have absolutely nothing to do with it, for all his talk of a nicer kind of politics, Jeremy Corbyn has done close to nothing to solve this problem, indeed I’m fairly convinced he either doesn’t care or secretly shares these racist’s views.

Even without the widespread abuse coming from his supporters, I still wouldn’t get with Jeremy, I’m afraid I still have far too much of a romantic attachment to Neoliberalism, despite all her faults, to be joining his Socialist crusade any time soon, and besides, he don’t wear a proper suit, do up his tie, or sing the national anthem.

So all that’s left for me to say is, hello Tim, yellow’s always been my favourite colour, and I like the fact that I can still lay some claim to Winston Churchill. I’ll miss Disraeli and Pitt the Younger, but I guess Gladstone and Lloyd-George are more than adequate replacements. If you want me, which looking at the last General Election results I’m guessing you probably do, I am yours.



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